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Eduserve Leadership Consulting

Specializes in offering support and consultation to schools and educational institutions.

Coaching for Educational Improvement

About Us

Our Vision

We believe that all students deserve access to high quality teachers and leaders for every step of their school journey. We will support over 100 schools in the next 5 years to close achievement gaps and boost their overall achievement.

Leadership Support

Equitable Outcomes

Instructional Roadmap


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Our Mission

Eduserve helps to promote equitable outcomes in schools by guiding school leaders through the stages of a quality, targeted school improvement process. We lead teachers through an instructional roadmap process that helps them identify essential student learning, determine evidence of learning, and align instruction to standards and shifts. With our support, schools develop a systemic approach to outcomes for all students, but especially for students who have been traditionally underserved.

Crafting School Leaders

Guiding visionary leaders to inspire educational excellence and foster positive school communities.

Eduserve Impact

Eduserve transforms education with strategic support for lasting school improvement

Global Impact: Transforming Education in Diverse Communities
Coaching for Educational Improvement
Empowering Educational Excellence with Eduserve Leadership Consulting

Theory of Action

Comprehensive School Improvement Support by Eduserve
Coaching for Educational Improvement

Resources and Strategic Partnerships 

  • Resources: How schools invest (budgets, time, systems, etc.) in human capital plays a role in student achievement for all students.

  • Partnerships: Schools partner with communities, families, and organizations to meet the needs of students.

What's Important To Us

The research is clear. Students constantly exposed to quality principals, teachers, and standards-aligned instructional materials are likelier to succeed in schools and be ready for college and career. Eduserve provides schools with a comprehensive coaching program that helps administrators develop and prioritize instructional leadership, builds high-quality teacher practice, and creates a culture of connectivity.  We provide teachers and teacher teams with coaching on prioritizing their grade level's major work (standards and shifts) and create classroom routines that develop high levels of student engagement, reasoning, and discourse. 

Core Values

Team Building

Effective organizations understand the value of collaboration and high-functioning teams. We believe that strong teams are a vehicle through which teachers and school leaders make meaning of their work, build relationships, and increase impactful teaching practices. Eduserve helps schools develop instructional, executive, and teacher leadership teams. We help teams plan, monitor, and reflect on high-quality instruction and assessments. Eduserve helps school teams conduct focused and collaborative conversations on data, standards, and identifying tasks that promote student discourse, reasoning, and problem-solving. We believe schools with high-functioning teams and leaders drive outcomes for children.

Coaching for Educational Improvement

Elevating Diverse Voices

We acknowledge and embrace the idea that every community we work in has a rich, layered, and often complex history.  Traditionally marginalized members of our society have often lacked agency in the school experience. Our school improvement process has been structured to include a diverse set of voices as both thought partners and co-architects of the change process. Our needs assessment process is unique in that it uses a combination of achievement data, instructional data, and qualitative data from stakeholders to help our school partners obtain a balanced perspective on serving the needs of students and their families. Following the needs assessment process, we support schools with how to continue to engage stakeholders. We believe that parents, teachers, and school leaders should continue to work together to implement the school’s strategic work.  When given appropriate support and systems, parents can be the biggest supports and advocates for our work.

Global Impact: Transforming Education in Diverse Communities

System Building

We define quality teaching, leading, and learning through frameworks that ground our work in research. A facet of our school improvement work involves school leaders and teachers self-assessing the current state of their work against frameworks. This process helps leaders and teachers develop a vision for instruction, select appropriate goals, and develop the strategies, structures, and processes to support high-quality teaching, and standards-aligned instruction. We believe that well-defined systems create collective responsibility and an organization-wide understanding of everyone's role in creating high achievement for all students.

Coaching for Educational Improvement


Global Impact: Transforming Education in Diverse Communities
Dr. Bobby T. Dillard 2 CEO of Eduserve Leadership Consulting

24-year career 

Dr. Bobby T. Dillard

Founder and CEO

Dr. Bobby T. Dillard is the founder and owner of Eduserve Consulting. He has a 24-year career that includes working as a teacher, instructional coach, administrator, leadership coach, and a College Professor of Education. He has worked with thousands of teachers, school leaders, and district leaders during his career. Dr. Dillard founded Eduserve as an outgrowth of his mission and passion for creating lifelong learners, preparing children for college and career readiness, and being leaders in any field of their choosing.


Instructional coach


Leadership coach

A College Professor of Education

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